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The hidden impact of brain injuries from car accidents

If you suffered any type of head trauma in a car accident, you understand the impact can be significant, even if it is largely unseen. Many significant head injuries are internal, and there may be few outward signs of the damage inside. Unfortunately, many do not understand brain injuries, and many victims do not get the help they need.

Did you get in a car accident over the Fourth of July?

Were you involved in a car accident over the Fourth of July? If so, you are certainly not alone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that the Fourth of July is almost always one of the top days of the year for car crashes. That is based on data from roughly the last 25 years.

The internet and road rage share some interesting traits

Do you ever feel like people on the internet are much quicker to get angry than people in "real life?" If you were talking face-to-face, you'd probably have a civil discussion. Online, it quickly devolves into insults and people just shouting their opinions at each other. No one holds back. People who may seem perfectly normal and nice in any other setting can turn petty and vindictive.

Why whiplash should be taken seriously

For many years, there have been a lot of jokes about people claiming whiplash after a vehicle crash. We've all seen movies and TV shows where people walk (or pushed in a wheelchair) into a courtroom wearing a cervical collar to seek money for an injury that may or may not be real.

Report claims deadly Uber crash linked to software mistake

A woman in Arizona was tragically killed when she was hit by a self-driving Uber vehicle earlier this year. Uber was testing the self-driving car when it happened, something the company was also doing in Pennsylvania. Those tests stopped, at least for the time being, as the fatal wreck was investigated.

Safety tips that help cars and motorcycles share the road

Cars and motorcycles are not necessarily a good mix. An accident puts motorcyclists in serious danger, as they simply do not have the protection of a driver in a car. That driver may walk away from a crash without a scratch, while the motorcyclist suffers serious and even fatal injuries.

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