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What's the deal with wrong-way drivers? How does it happen?

It may be inconceivable to you how a person could end up driving down the wrong side of the road, especially when there is a median between you and oncoming traffic. Even so, hundreds of people die each year due to accidents in which one of the vehicles involved headed in the wrong direction on the roadway.

As a plaintiff, how important is what you wear to court?

Have you ever had conversations with friends or family members regarding clothing choices or whether you believe your style of clothing and appearance impacts the way others treat you? Perhaps you have even formally researched or studied the topic. Many psychology experts say that outward appearance reflects inner personality. You may be among those who say clothing should have nothing to do with how others see you or react to you. However, there is much evidence to suggest that, in fact, clothing choices do influence others' opinions.

Night-shift workers are more susceptible to drowsy driving

Did you know that somewhere around 9.5 million people here in the United States work night shift? It stands to reason that several of them do so here in Pennsylvania. Because their circadian rhythms (sleep patterns) do not follow the "normal" course, many seem to be chronically sleep deprived.

When a Sunday drive turns tragic

Driving through the counties of western and central Pennsylvania is beautiful any time of year. Whether you have lived here all your life or transplanted here from another state, you may never tire of the changing seasons.

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