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Tips for getting back on your motorcycle

You got in a motorcycle accident. It was something you hoped would never happen, and you avoided it for years, but not forever.

Getting back on the bike can be hard. Some people struggle to really feel comfortable riding again. Here are some tips that can help you during this process:

  1. Make sure your bike is in perfect condition. Have professionals check it over. Never ride a damaged bike, even if the damage seems slight.
  2. Consider what safety gear you want to use. Would bright clothing help prevent accidents? Do you have a high-quality helmet? Now that you know what an accident is like, it may prove eye-opening and help you prepare in case it happens again.
  3. Start with a short, easy ride. You don't have to go out for hours the first time you get back on. Just take 20 minutes and ride some roads you know well. It helps you get more comfortable.
  4. Accept that nerves may be an issue. That crash sticks in your head. This nervousness does not have to control you, and accepting that it is there helps you see that it's something you can overcome.
  5. Let any physical issues completely heal. You do not have to get back on the bike right away. Take your time. Be sure that you feel 100 percent ready to ride again when you take it back out.

Accidents happen. You can get through them and ride again, even when it initially seems hard to do. As you work your way through this process, make sure you also know what rights you may have to financial compensation.

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