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The internet and road rage share some interesting traits

Do you ever feel like people on the internet are much quicker to get angry than people in "real life?" If you were talking face-to-face, you'd probably have a civil discussion. Online, it quickly devolves into insults and people just shouting their opinions at each other. No one holds back. People who may seem perfectly normal and nice in any other setting can turn petty and vindictive.

The problem, many experts believe, is the level of anonymity that the internet gives you. You can hide behind a fake name and a fake picture. You're talking to other people who do not feel like real people. They're just names, numbers and pictures themselves. You'll snap at them and say things you would never say to anyone -- even a complete stranger -- in real life.

This same phenomenon, many of these experts believe, leads to road rage. You see other cars, not people. Even when you see them, they're just faceless people who don't know you, who you've never met and you never plan to. You feel cut off from them and separated, and it allows you to be more selfish and more angry about even the smallest things.

These conditions can be very dangerous. When people get overly angry about small issues -- like someone driving ahead of them at a slower speed than they'd prefer to travel -- the situation can escalate quickly. This can lead to aggressive driving and car accidents. It is important for those who get injured in these accidents to know all of the legal options that they have.

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