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Summer brings the '100 deadliest days' on the road

Summer brings with it a lot of positives. From family vacations to holidays to chances to explore the outdoors in beautiful weather, it can be great.

Unfortunately, it can also be deadly. Many experts refer to the summer as the "100 deadliest days" that motorists face.

The reason, to a large degree, is teen driving. Teens get out of school and get on the road, and this high-risk age group causes an incredible amount of fatal accidents.

Studies have shown that more than 1,000 people pass away every year in wrecks that involve teen drivers, and that's just from Memorial Day until school starts back up in the fall. It's a span of roughly 100 days in most school districts, and it is one of the worst times to be on the road. That's more than 10 deaths in these accidents every single day.

Teens get the blame because their own crash rates increase dramatically in the summer. Those between 16 and 19 years old are involved in 16 percent more deadly wrecks in the summer than they are during the rest of the year.

The majority of these teen crashes -- 58.5 percent in one study -- happen because young drivers get distracted. Cellphones factor in heavily with talking and texting, but other common distractions include talking to friends and listening to music.

The bad news for other drivers in Pennsylvania is that you cannot avoid this risk. Teen drivers are out there, and you must share the road with them. If one hits you, make sure you know what legal options you have.

Source: USA Today, "AAA: 100 'deadliest days' of summer: Teens on the road after Memorial Day," Bart Jansen, accessed May 25, 2018

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