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Safety tips that help cars and motorcycles share the road

Cars and motorcycles are not necessarily a good mix. An accident puts motorcyclists in serious danger, as they simply do not have the protection of a driver in a car. That driver may walk away from a crash without a scratch, while the motorcyclist suffers serious and even fatal injuries.

So, what can drivers do to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents with these smaller vehicles? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Be wary of turns, and always look for motorcycles. A high percentage of wrecks happen when drivers do not see motorcycles and turn left right in front of them. Intersections are especially dangerous. If possible, experts always suggest making eye contact to ensure that you and the rider are on the same page.
  • Stay four seconds back when driving behind a motorcycle. Many people do not think they're tailgating when they are just a second or two back, but they are. You need at least those four seconds so that you can stop and avoid an accident if something unexpected occurs.
  • Be cautious of your blind spots. Motorcycles are small. They fit into these blind spots easily. Just because you do not see a bike after a quick glance does not mean there is not one there. Check your blind spots and pay attention to traffic around you. If you see a bike coming up behind you and then lose sight of it, odds are it is in a blind spot.

These tips can help, but accidents still happen. Those involved need to know all of their rights to financial compensation if they suffer serious injuries.

Source: Esurance, "Sharing the road with motorcycles," accessed May 04, 2018

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