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Improving Bedford road safety regarding motorcycles

Whether you happen to be avid motorcycle enthusiast or the thought of riding one scares you half to death, the fact is that Bedford roadways are prime attractions for those who travel on two wheels. Especially once the weather turns to warmer temperatures, you're likely to cross paths with one or more motorcycles during an average workday commute or when you're running errands in town. 

If you plan to ride motorcycles anywhere in Pennsylvania, you'll want to first brush up on the latest safety information to reduce your risk for collision. Doing so can't always prevent roadway problems, however, because there may be negligent motorists in your vicinity who are placing you in harm's way even though you are driving as cautiously as possible. If you suffer injury in a motorcycle accident that someone else has caused, your life may be forever changed. It's crucial to know where to seek support if something like this happens. 

Remember these facts before riding 

Many Pennsylvania bikers say there's nothing like soaring along an open road under sunny skies to experience a sense of adventure and fun. Whether you choose to bike your way to work every day to lower fuel expenses or eagerly await your free time so you can get together with friends for a ride, the following practical ideas may come in handy

  • Clothing matters: It may be tempting to feel the wind on your skin in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top, but when you're on the back of a motorcycle, thicker fabrics that cover as much of your body as possible, such as leather or heavy denim, are best.  
  • Take advantage of safety equipment: Helmet laws vary by state. Whether you're in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, wearing a helmet while you ride always lowers your risk for injury.  
  • Don't assume visibility: Just because you can see another motorist doesn't mean he or she sees you. Learn about lane placement to know how to position your vehicle to make yourself more visible to other drivers.  
  • Never drive drunk: Riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol is just as dangerous (and illegal) as driving a car while intoxicated. 
  • Check your bike before every ride: Your brakes may have been in good working order the last time you rode, but that's no guarantee for future trips. To improve safety, check your bike's equipment functions before every ride.  

If another driver acts recklessly or is distracted behind the wheel, you could pay a dear price if that vehicle hits you while you're driving or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. Such collisions often result in catastrophic injuries.  

There's no reason you should be held fully accountable for the financial repercussions of a motorcycle collision you did not cause. By tapping into available resources, you can seek recovery for your losses.

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