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The main reason it is tough to catch drowsy drivers

Drowsy driving, in many ways, is similar to drunk driving. If you are too tired, your reaction time isn't nearly what it should be, and you can actually fall asleep behind the wheel. Even just nodding off for a second can cause an accident.

To a large degree, though, police really cannot crack down on drowsy driving, even though some experts think it leads to hundreds of thousands of accidents annually. The only way they really catch drowsy drivers is when those drivers admit, perhaps after an accident, that they were too tired.

The main reason it is so hard to catch a tired driver is that drivers who speak to police often do not seem tired at all. When those flashing lights come on and a driver pulls over, he or she gets a surge of adrenaline. This erases all evidence that the driver is tired, and he or she seems fine to the officer.

Now, that officer may have observed driving errors, like drifting from one lane to the other, that suggest the driver was tired. However, those same actions could also suggest that the driver was distracted or intoxicated. If it's the latter, the officer can use a breath test or field sobriety tests.

If the driver is really just exhausted, though, no test can help. That exhaustion is temporarily cured by the adrenaline, and officers cannot prove anything.

As a result, tired drivers are still a huge threat for people in Pennsylvania. If you get hit by someone who fell asleep behind the wheel, make sure you know all of the legal options you have.

Source: Huffington Post, "Why It's Hard To Crack Down On Drowsy Driving," Jenni Bergal, accessed April 18, 2018

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