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When do you have grounds for a wrongful death civil claim?

It can be devastating for a Pennsylvania family to lose a loved one. It can lead to financial loss and significant emotional trauma, and it can be difficult to rebuild your life after a devastating and unexpected loss. While you are mourning the loss of your family member, you may not think about your legal options regarding potential wrongful death litigation.

If your loved one died as the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim. This can be an overwhelming thought during your time of grief, but you may be able to secure compensation that can allow your family to rebuild and move on. It might be beneficial for you to learn about what you need for a valid wrongful death claim.

How do you know if you have a case?

It can be difficult to decide if you have grounds to move forward with a civil claim after the death of a loved one. If you have evidence and documentation of the following elements, you could have reasons to seek financial compensation. These include the following:

  • The death of an individual that was the result of another person's negligence
  • Proof that your family is enduring financial loss and hardship as a result of the unexpected death
  • Evidence that your family has named a person to act as representative of the estate

Civil claims on the basis of wrongful death are time sensitive. It is beneficial to take quick action to protect your rights, and you may be prudent to seek a complete evaluation of your case as soon as possible after the death of your loved one.

It can be difficult to think about a lawsuit in the immediate aftermath of the loss of a person you love, but this process can allow you to recoup your financial losses and hold liable parties accountable for what happened.

Helping your family recover

There is nothing that can reverse what happened and bring back your loved one, but there are things you can do to help your family rebuild and recover. With financial compensation sought through a wrongful death claim, you can address your losses from funeral expenses, emergency medical care and more.

The road to recovery for your family may be long, but you can seek help and guidance every step of the way. You can start this process by seeking a complete evaluation of your case and an explanation of your legal options.

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