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Do you suffer from car accident post-traumatic stress disorder?

Over the last several decades, the term "PTSD," abbreviated from post-traumatic stress disorder, has gained common usage in daily conversation. However, it is still most commonly referred to in the context of those returning from serving in a battlefield while on a military tour of duty. Some individuals do not yet understand that PTSD can arise any number of ways if a victim experiences a sufficiently traumatic event, especially a car accident.

A significant number car accident victims experience PTSD symptoms after a collision, which may severely impact many areas of their lives. While not every car accident results in debilitating mental strain, a significant enough portion of these victims do suffer some side effects that warrant a proper assessment and response.

Among the general population who experiences car accidents, only about 10 percent of victims develop some form of PTSD or other related mental disorder after the accident. However, among those who experience a car accident and choose to seek out mental health treatment, roughly 60 percent display some form of PTSD.

These reactions to car accidents are truly debilitating and may spread to other areas of the victims' lives, making even daily activities difficult to accomplish.

If you believe that your recent car accident experience contributed to your PTSD or other similar mental ailment, such as serious depression or anxiety, it is important to seek professional medical attention. With proper care, you can obtain the mental "breathing room" to consider your options and obtain the legal guidance you need to protect your rights and obtain the treatment you deserve.

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