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Are you a dangerously aggressive driver?

Whether you live in the heart of Pittsburg or miles away from the Pennsylvania turnpike, you probably experience frustrations behind the wheel of a vehicle if you drive for long enough. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize that some of the choices they make in tense driving situations cause even greater danger to themselves and others on the road.

Aggressive driving is often satisfying, but it is also one of the leading causes of car accidents in the state. The temptation is understandable; maybe you're 10 minutes late and in a rush, when a vehicle has the nerve to go very slowly in front of you for an absurdly long amount of time. What could they possibly gain from doing this to you? How do you explain to your boss that the car in front of you simply decided to drive too slowly? To say these kinds of driving experiences are frustrating barely begins to describe them.

Still, this momentary frustration should not lead you drive dangerously and risk your safety or others. Driving aggressively by tailgating other drivers, speeding through stop lights, running stop signs or passing illegally are all restricted precisely because they are dangerous. Unfortunately, the more often that drivers use these tactics to navigate difficult driving situations, the more comfortable they become with the risks, and the less aware they are of the very real dangers at hand.

Keeping yourself and others safe by recognizing your own aggressive driving habits is only half the battle. Although you can take responsibility for yourself, you cannot control the actions of others, and may still suffer in a car accident caused by another driver's poor choices or bad luck. If you do experience a car accident, be sure to speak with an established personal injury attorney to understand your rights and keep them protected.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, "Aggresive Driving," accessed Dec. 15, 2017

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