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December 2017 Archives

Know how to respond after an accident with a drunk driver

When you experience an accident with a drunk driver, it is not always simple to know how to respond in the moment, or in the days and weeks after the accident. Unfortunately, far too many drivers in Pennsylvania experience drunk driving accidents, causing enormous losses for hundreds of residents each year. While we can take some small comfort in the fact that drunk driving accidents throughout the state are down from the previous year, this statistical improvement does little to help the victims of those preventable accidents that still occurred in 2016.

New bill might keep teens from texting and driving

Pennsylvania is one of many states that prohibits drivers from using cellular devices to text while driving, but some opponents of the law claim that, although its intended purpose is valuable, it does very little to actually compel drivers to stop texting while driving. Currently, texting and driving is an offense that carries a $50 fine and miscellaneous court costs, which is fairly minor in the range of legal expenses and punishments.

When a Sunday drive turns tragic

Driving through the counties of western and central Pennsylvania is beautiful any time of year. Whether you have lived here all your life or transplanted here from another state, you may never tire of the changing seasons.

Are you a dangerously aggressive driver?

Whether you live in the heart of Pittsburg or miles away from the Pennsylvania turnpike, you probably experience frustrations behind the wheel of a vehicle if you drive for long enough. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize that some of the choices they make in tense driving situations cause even greater danger to themselves and others on the road.

Is it possible to avoid a head-on collision?

When you picture your worst-case scenario on the road, it may involve seeing a vehicle heading right toward you in your lane. Perhaps you even picture this happening more at night when all you can see is headlights, which may make you second guess whether that vehicle is actually in your lane or not, depending on the circumstances.

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