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How to preserve evidence following a car accident

You shouldn't have to worry about being safe when getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. Even though you might practice safe driving habits, it doesn't mean that the millions of other drivers around you in Pennsylvania do the same. If you ever find yourself involved in an accident, you need to do as much as possible to preserve the evidence. This will not only help the police in their investigation but also your legal case.

Indiana Township woman killed in collision

Car accidents can change the entire course of a person's life or end it prematurely without a moment's notice. Just such heartbreak came to Indiana recently when a local women lost her life in a collision on Saxonburg Boulevard. According to reports, officials pronounced the victim deceased at the scene of the accident and transported the other driver to a hospital for treatment of a number of serious but nonlife-threatening injuries.

Do you suffer from car accident post-traumatic stress disorder?

Over the last several decades, the term "PTSD," abbreviated from post-traumatic stress disorder, has gained common usage in daily conversation. However, it is still most commonly referred to in the context of those returning from serving in a battlefield while on a military tour of duty. Some individuals do not yet understand that PTSD can arise any number of ways if a victim experiences a sufficiently traumatic event, especially a car accident.

2016 was a particularly deadly year for car accidents

Driving is always dangerous, no matter how seriously you might take your own duties behind the wheel. Even if you remain fully alert and engaged with your surroundings and your driving behavior at all times, you may still experience a car accident at just about any time. According to the latest data released by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), driving was even more dangerous in 2016 than many years before, and some of those trends may not level out in the years ahead.

Pennsylvania's texting-while-driving law

All drivers who drive on roads and streets in Pennsylvania are subject to its driving laws. One of the most commonly misunderstood laws for both residents and out-of-state drivers governs how a driver may use a wireless device while behind the wheel. Especially for out-of-state drivers, it is crucial to understand these laws and how to implement them, to avoid unnecessary traffic tickets and keep our roads safe.

Know how to respond after an accident with a drunk driver

When you experience an accident with a drunk driver, it is not always simple to know how to respond in the moment, or in the days and weeks after the accident. Unfortunately, far too many drivers in Pennsylvania experience drunk driving accidents, causing enormous losses for hundreds of residents each year. While we can take some small comfort in the fact that drunk driving accidents throughout the state are down from the previous year, this statistical improvement does little to help the victims of those preventable accidents that still occurred in 2016.

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